Tara Powers joins SROA Soundboard, SROA's podcast series, to share information about navigating remote work, her background, zoom fatigue, how to keep a strong team, and a little bit about her “Virtual Team school”.  

Tara is currently a best selling author and award winning talent development leader. She has been in leadership and team development work for about 20 years.

  • Background and how became passionate about career (0:31)
  • Changes that leaders and their teams have had to make to work well remotely (1:47)
  • Managing Zoom fatigue (10:36)
  • Physical walking meetings (13:35)
  • How leaders can create a balance between those who can & can not work remotely (16:05)
  • Ensure all team members feel valued and focus on the positives/shared goals (21:01)
  • Manage some team members working remotely while others do not post pandemic (28:12)
  • Information about Tara Power's “Virtual Team School” (30:29)
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