Tara Powers joins SROA Soundboard for our new In Conversation with Administrators Series.  This series aims to share administrator's stories for how they got where they are today, positives about being in a leadership position, inspirations, as well as some interesting advice.

Tara is currently a best selling author and award winning talent development leader. She has been in leadership and team development work for about 20 years.

  • Background and how became passionate about career (0:31)
  • Changes that leaders and their teams have had to make to work well remotely (1:47)
  • Managing Zoom fatigue (10:36)
  • Physical walking meetings (13:35)
  • How leaders can create a balance between those who can & can not work remotely (16:05)
  • Ensure all team members feel valued and focus on the positives/shared goals (21:01)
  • Manage some team members working remotely while others do not post pandemic (28:12)
  • Information about Tara Power's “Virtual Team School” (30:29)
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