Patty Beach, Leadership Development Consultant and author of The Art of Alignment, joins SROA Soundboard to share her experiences. She recalls her early career, what being inclusive means, and explains some key ideas in her book. 

Listen to hear more about:

  • Can you tell our listeners about your background and how you came to be an expert in the art of alignment? (0:30)
  • What does it mean to be inclusive from your perspective? (2:48)
  • In the book you write, “Most leaders have good ideas. The problem is they don’t know how to work inclusively and get people aligned behind them.” Why is that? (4:10)
  • Often ideas come from the bottom up rather than the top down. How can leaders create alignment with ideas that may not originate at the top? (6:54)
  • How does realignment work? (9:10)
  • What are the 5c’s in the alignment process? (11:11)
  • Why is alignment an art? (14:38)
  • How do you see the art of alignment working in healthcare specifically? (16:57)
  • In your book, you talk about Memorable Success Formulas? Can you provide an example for our listeners? (20:52)
  • What would you like healthcare leaders to take away from our conversation and from your book? (24:45)
  • Can you point our listeners to any other helpful resources? (25:58)
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