Amber Cox joins SROA Soundboard, SROA's podcast series. Amber Cox is a board-certified clinical hypnotist and founder of Maine Hypnosis Center and Integrative Health Solutions. Cox shares how cancer patients can benefit from hypnosis to help alleviate chronic pain, fear, stress, and trauma. 


In this episode, you'll hear about

How Cox became an expert (0:30)

How hypnosis is evidence-based (1:36)

Is it used in cancer care (3:23)

Can it help a cancer patient (4:14)

How to find Cox (5:17)

Finding a hypnotist (5:45)

Insurance coverage for hypnosis (6:33)

Hypnosis while in treatment (8:21)

Hypnosis while in the treatment room (8:33)

Why hypnosis should be encouraged (9:08)

Sessions and techniques (10:08)

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