Tonya Terry and Debra Corbin join SROA Soundboard - a podcast for SROA to share their experience with the SROA Mentor Match Program. Tonya and Debra participated in the speed mentoring session at the SROA 2019 Annual Meeting. As a result, Tonya and Debra decided they would be a good fit for mentorship and entered into a year-long mentorship. 


In this episode you'll hear about:

Why speed mentoring? (0:24)

How they matched (1:09)

How often they met (2:47)

Benefits as a mentee (4:21)

Benefits as a mentor (5:07)

Continuing the mentor/mentee relationship (5:55)

Why everyone should participate in SROA mentor match (6:57)


What are you waiting for? Join SROA's Mentor Match Program!



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