Workplace burnout is a pressing issue that has received widespread media attention, and the pandemic has only made it worse.

Jennifer Moss uses academic research, case studies and data to discuss workplace burnout with SROA, while talking about workplace burnout for healthcare workers during the pandemic.

Jennifer is an international public speaker, a workplace happiness expert and an award-winning author. Jennifer writes on HR-related issues such as burnout and workplace happiness for Harvard Business Review, SHRM, and Forbes. She is the best-selling and award-winning author of "Unlocking Happiness At Work."


In this episode you'll hear about:

  • Researching and studying burnout (0:29)
  • Why it's taken so long to give burnout attention (1:40)
  • WHO classification of burnout (3:30)
  • How administrators can help employees with burnout during the pandemic (5:18)
  • Creative solutions to burnout (8:27)
  • How the pandemic will shift the conversation about burnout (12:16)
  • Burnout pebbles (15:25)
  • Micro projects to tackle burnout (20:22)
  • How to effectively approach burnout with employees (24:29)
  • Rethinking Burnout and new insights (27:47)
  • Release date of the next book (32:37)


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