Maria Grice joins SROA Soundboard for our new In Conversation with Administrators Series.  This series aims to share administrator's stories for how they got where they are today, positives about being in a leadership position, inspirations, as well as some interesting advice.

Maria is currently working at Hematology Oncology Associates of CNY in East Syracuse, NY, and is currently a member of the SROA Board of Directors.

  • Journey to current position (0:34)
  • Positive aspects of being in a leadership position (1:19)
  • Most challenging aspects of leadership, especially in radiation oncology (2:21)
  • Future goals (3:35)
  • Professional organization memberships (5:10)
  • Individuals who have inspired her life and career (6:57)
  • How she spends her free time (8:55)
  • Current reads (9:35)
  • Current playlists (10:54)
  • Best advice received (11:38)
  • Advice for other administrators¬† (13:33)
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