Keisha-Marie Clarke presented “Think Outside the Checked Box” at SROA’s 38th Annual Meeting. She reflects further on the importance of embracing and advancing diversity, inclusion and equity in the workplace.

Listen to hear more about:

  1. Have you experienced a professional environment that truly does DEI well? (0:45)
  2. How do leaders insure that that they continue focusing on DEI? What does inclusive leadership look like to you? (3:10)
  3. Are there any examples of leaders in health care doing DEI well? (5:00)
  4. How can administrators consciously shift and change their narratives to improve patient outcomes? (6:14)
  5. Is inclusion a learned behavior? (8:32)
  6. What kinds of hard, intentional questions should leaders ask others? How do they ensure they don’t alienate their teams on the path toward DEI? (11:04) 
  7. You said, “If you want an inclusive workplace, you have to put it there.” How do leaders do that? (14:45)
  8. How can leaders make inclusivity measurable? (18:07)
  9. What are some key takeaways you would like administrators and their teams to remember? (19:50)
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