Kay Formanek, Author of Beyond D&I, joins SROA Soundboard. She explains how her past has influenced her life's work, what people misunderstand about diversity, equity, & inclusion, and how to improve health outcomes and representation on their teams.

Listen to hear more about:

  1. How did growing up in South Africa fuel your passion and life’s work in diversity? (0:26)
  2. Why did you write the book Beyond D&I? (2:09)
  3. What do most people struggle with regarding diversity, equity and inclusion? (3:24)
  4. What’s wrong with current approaches to diversity? How can diversity policies fail to deliver? (5:13)
  5. Would you say the why is more important as the how? (7:21)
  6. What is inclusive courageous leadership and how can leaders achieve it? (8:00)
  7. You suggest organizations and leaders need to move beyond D&I to include E, L and P (equity, purpose and leadership). Why does it need to be D + I + E + L + P? (12:53)
  8. How can healthcare leaders ensure DIELP is a strategic priority? (16:14)
  9. DE&I in health care needs work to improve health outcomes for underrepresented groups and to ensure physicians and other staff are more representative of the population at large. How do you think healthcare leaders can effect real change to improve health outcomes and representation on their teams? (18:28)
  10. What are the “Aha” moments in your book that people have commented on? (21:26)
  11. What’s not in the book that you would like to share with our audience? (23:07)
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