Skot Waldron joins SROA Soundboard, SROA's podcast series, to share building leadership and effective communication in radiation oncology. Waldron is an internal communications consultant and brand strategist with GIANT. Waldron focuses on building future leaders through internal brand awareness and communication.

  • Becoming passionate about leadership development and effective communication (0:27)
  • Value of using data to coach leaders and organizations (2:12)
  • Improving communication skills outside the Twentieth Century leadership programs (4:28)
  • How to assist with organizations experiencing resistance to leadership training (6:13)
  • Invincibility Assessment (8:16) 
  • Building loyalty with employees (9:29)
  • Creating loyalty as employees and staff (12:20)
  • The biggest changes for leaders during the Pandemic (13:49)
  • Sherpa Leadership Program and how leaders can benefit (16:58)
  • Tips for leaders to communicate more effectively (19:37)
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